Our Mission at Aladdin: To earn loyal customers by delivering high-value, distinctive culinary programs that consistently exceed customer expectations.



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For over 35 years, Aladdin Food Management Services has been entertaining and feeding millions of people in schools, colleges, businesses, and health care facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Southeast.

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Whether you are responsible for a manufacturing facility or for an office building, your employees want the same things from their on-premise foodservice. We give customers what they want!

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Jeff Dimick

“We are delighted to have Aladdin as OVU’s food management service provider.  Many students have commented to me on how good the food is here.  I had never before heard students without prompting compliment the food provider.  Job well done!  Congratulations to you and your team.”


-Jeffrey A. Dimick

Ohio Valley University EVP

Molly Sherman

“Fairmont State University has been working with Aladdin for fourteen years now and we started this enterprise with no cash reserves and were spending more than we were bringing in. Aladdin in the first year of business projected a return to the University and it was on target”.


-Rick Porto,

VP Administrative Services-Fairmont State University

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