Corporate Philosophy

From the Managing Director

Our philosophy constitutes the underlying principles and ethics by which we at Aladdin conduct our business.  Like all successful corporations, we strive to provide an Excellent Customer Experience while always thinking Customers First. We achieve this through our commitment to deliver an outstanding Dining Experience that is specifically developed to meet the needs of the customers we serve. The voice of the customer and our creative and innovative approach to meeting the changing needs of our customers set us apart from other companies. We strive to continuously produce a high-quality product, pay fair wages to our employees, and conduct ourselves as good corporate neighbors in the communities where we work and live. You as a client, employee, supplier, or friend are entitled to know how we are achieving these objectives.

Our philosophy of business continues to serve as the corporate guide and reminder to our management of our obligations to all with whom we come in contact.

The basic principles of this philosophy have not changed, but have been expanded to reflect the changing times and expanded operations of the Corporation.

We hope that this will give you a better insight into Aladdin.

Paul Kowalczyk

Managing Director

Client Relations

We believe that our clients are entitled to the highest quality of management services at a fair price.  Our objective has always been the Satisfied Customer, who will rely on us to help solve their problems and meet their needs immediately and as a long-lasting partnership.  To assure we meet this daily objective, our management and employees subscribe to the following principles:

  • Market only proven, high-quality management services
  • Assure clients of support resources by responding promptly to their needs
  • Continue our responsibility to our clients, beyond the point of sale, with prompt and efficient service
  • Conduct all transactions with honesty, integrity, and truthfulness

Supplier Relations

We believe that our suppliers and their sales representatives, with their specialized knowledge of the products and services that they offer, play an important role in the continuing profitable operation of our Corporation.  With this philosophy in mind, the following guidelines have been established:

  • Provide a prompt and courteous interview for supplier representatives
  • Encourage and assist supplier sales representatives to meet with those Corporation personnel who are most directly involved in purchasing
  • Purchase from suppliers without prejudice, always striving to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure
  • Avoid the exchange of any considerations which would influence the fairness of the transaction

Community Relations

We believe that the Corporation should be a good neighbor in the communities where it operates facilities, and where employees live.  To further enhance the philosophy, management subscribes to:

  • Maintain buildings, vehicles, and grounds in excellent condition, making our facilities as asset to the community
  • Encourage active support and involvement by employees in civic projects which will benefit the progress and development of the community
  • Ensure that the Corporation and its employees respect the property and the rights of our neighbors

Employee Relations

We believe that our employees, their knowledge, dedication, and loyalty are our most vital resource.  We are committed to developing an environment that will enable employees to grow with the Corporation to the best of their ability.  We believe that management has the responsibility to:

  • Hire and promote employees on the basis of ability without discrimination as to race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, physical handicap, or other arbitrary judgments
  • Maintain pay scales which compare favorably with similar positions in the community
  • Offer present employees the first opportunity for promotions and new job openings for which they are qualified
  • Offer training for employees to better prepare them for promotion and advancement
  • Provide pleasant and safe environment in which to work
  • Encourage and reward suggestions from employees for improvements in work methods, procedures, products, and working conditions
  • In turn, we expect employees to be loyal to the interests of the Corporation, to work conscientiously at their assigned tasks, and to exercise good judgment and integrity in all their activities and duties.

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