Business & Industry and Corporate Dining


Business & Industry and Corporate Dining

 Whether you are responsible for a manufacturing facility or for an office building, your employees want the same things from their on-premise foodservice.

  • Variety
  • Retail cuisine
  • Fresh ideas and fresh ingredients

So, we give customers what they want – something different every day!  Our program rotates branded concepts every day – forcing change into your food service program. 

We know that serving higher quality food attracts greater participation.  So, we match menus with customers.  This flexibility allows us to compete with local restaurants. 

We believe that food should be as good as it looks.  So, we only serve the finest and freshest ingredients – and we prepare it right in front of the customer.  We take the “prep” work out of the kitchen and allow customers to see their meals being prepared – creating visual excitement.  Food preparation becomes the principal visual element, not the menu boards and signs.  The cooking area and serving area become part of the dining area – blending with the overall décor.

Our staff finds it rewarding to work in front of their audience…our customers…your employees. 

  • Want to learn how to improve your employees’ morale?
  • Looking to create excitement in your staff dining room?
  • Interested in making your cafeteria and vending program into real employee benefit?
  • Want to expand your program, but lack kitchen space?


Let Aladdin show you how!  You can get answers to these questions and more…and put our 35 plus years of “know-how” to work for you.


     Aladdin Food Management Services…
                             We’re good for your business!

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