Faith-Based Schools

Our Commitment

For many faith-based schools and colleges, integrating their basic principles into everyday life can range from fostering a respectful, tolerant environment to encouraging students to participate in community service projects.  Faith-based schools provide their students with explicit teaching within an experience of shared values.  Yet, each campus holds its own unique faith-based worldview that extends far beyond the classroom.  Each one aspires to tailor their curricula, their admissions criteria, their staffing policies, and even their campus dining services to reflect the active status of the faith that they profess.                   

At Aladdin, we have a diverse client portfolio representing many religious denominations.

We not only design customized food service programs for your campus, but we deliver them within the particular modeling context of your mission statement and religious heritage.  Aladdin understands that our employees are expected to serve as role models for the students within your community and Aladdin staffers are expected to integrate this identity into every aspect of their professional and personal lives.  Aladdin employees are expected to set high standards for personal responsibility so as not to undermine your mission. 

Toward that end, many Aladdin employees are required to sign a Community Ethos Statement and to pledge their commitment to these standards while performing their duties with Aladdin.   


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