Health Care


Health Care

One size does not fit all.  Aladdin designs individual, high-quality, cost-effective food service management programs for every health care facility that it serves. 

Residents with diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds receive personalized Aladdin meal services.

Dietary managers, chefs, and registered dietitians – all Aladdin food service professionals – create and deliver specialized programs to meet the challenges faced in each healthcare setting.  The Aladdin team fully understands the unique demands of the health care environment, and has an exceptional ability to upgrade performance while reducing operating costs.

The Aladdin philosophy stresses that residents deserve the very best in care and meal service.  Our Residents First® programs, which are regularly coordinated with facility administration, assure that the standards of quality and service meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.  Aladdin delivers guaranteed improvements in service and quality.

Aladdin menus are carefully designed to conform to strict nutritional standards through Aladdin’s (I.Q.) –Intelligent Quisine TM Program. In addition to emphasizing meal excellence, the Aladdin Continuous Quality Improvement process addresses the stringent standards required in today’s regulatory environment. 

Through Aladdin WE CARE TM training and development programs, on-site managers hone the skills of dietary department employees.  The results are a competent staff, improved morale, stability in employment, and an enhanced commitment to customer service.  That’s the level of care that we provide to help you improve the level of care that you give!

ALADDIN… healthcare food management and nutrition services for:

  • Rehabilitation

  • Long-Term Care

  • Life Plan Communities

  • Assisted Living Hospitals

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