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We Do More Than Serve Meals. We Create Experiences

With a focus on culinary innovation and exemplary service, Aladdin is committed to making a positive difference in peoples’ lives every day. Aladdin has focused on building strong local relationships to become the premier foodservice provider to many colleges and universities. At Aladdin, we have the expertise, experience and resources to create a foodservice program that increases student engagement. We are a food-focused company that will manage all aspects of your culinary management program, allowing you to concentrate on the daily business of running a school

Enhancing the educational experience is more important than ever. We understand how to help our clients meet their individual goals by developing a comprehensive culinary management program that will engage and inspire students, staff and guests. Our teams create flavorful, high-quality, nutritious, made-from-scratch meals to fuel and energize growing minds on a daily basis. Our programs are tailored to the specific needs of each client and community that we serve.

We understand the wide-range of student populations today, including food-savvy Millennials craving everything from small plates and customizable dishes to dining locations that foster community-building with their peers. We provide high-quality food and fresh menu offerings that meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of your school’s population to ensure happy students, staff and guests.


INCREASED Satisfaction • MORE Choices •HIGHER Student Engagement

Our Clients Enjoy

  • A culinary management partner who works with you to achieve the highest level of student/staff engagement
  • A program that aligns with the goals and culture of your school and local community
  • Quality, fresh, made-from-scratch meals that are naturally healthier
  • Sustainability practices to reduce, reuse and recycle as well as purchase local ingredients whenever possible
  • A collaborative partnership that supports initiatives to attract and engage students
  • Nutrition and wellness programs including Nutrition Alive, StarChef, and Ask A Dietitian
  • Innovative meal programs to care for the body, mind and spirit
  • Ongoing staff training, development and retention initiatives
  • Multimedia marketing support to create an engaging and inviting culinary experience
  • A chef-centric and food-focused company that will work seamlessly with your leadership teams to provide an innovative culinary program


Our commitment to the our clients does not end at the opening of our dining service program. It is standard practice that our Vice President of Operations meets monthly with leadership to review all billing and financial issues. We believe in the strength of transparency from the beginning in creating a true partnership. This open forum of communication will create a foundation for what we hope will become a long-term business relationship. With your support, we will establish a Dining Advisory Council. During monthly meetings, clients and Dining Advisory Council members will meet with our director to let us know how we are performing and to discuss ideas, concerns, and issues in a forum that encourages open and honest discussion. Additionally, we will survey the dining communities each semester to determine areas for growth and opportunity.


Our technology solutions deliver the personalized experience your customers demand and are fully integrated for ease of operation by management. We leverage technology with digital menu boards, social media, online ordering, mobile apps and nutritional analysis of menu items, ensuring each guest has timely information on their mobile devices.


We set rigorous, measurable standards for every facet of our business—from the food we use, our sanitation standards, to our continual team member training. We commit ourselves to excellence every day in everything we do. Whether it is the Aladdin F.A.C.T. System (Flavor, Appearance, Consistency, Temperature), ServSafe training and standards, or our T.E.A.M.S. (Training, Effective selection, Assessment, Management by objective and Service) team member training program, Aladdin guarantees the highest standards day in and day out.


We work with our clients to achieve their sustainable purchasing initiatives—buying local, purchasing Fair Trade and using minority vendors. We support the local economy, offer outstanding variety and provide the freshest menu items possible. Our primary food supplier makes efforts to support local purchases and identifies local produce on their ordering website. They maintain rigid produce quality specifications that meet, or in most cases exceed, USDA standards to ensure the highest quality available.
In addition to sustainable purchasing, Aladdin also focuses on:
  • Food Waste and Food Waste Reduction
  • Reusable programs
  • Composting

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