Higher Education


Higher Education

 At Aladdin, we know that to stay competitive today and to keep students happy, we have to stay abreast of state-of-the-art technologies, as well as constantly shifting student preferences.

Our innovative program is designed to do just that.  It is customized specifically for your school to cater to your preferences for national, as well as regional, food and beverage brands. 

Take a closer look at The Aladdin Difference:

Management – Purchasing, facility design, dietetics, human resources, marketing, operations, and finance.  Aladdin provides expertise and support. Aladdin lets you concentrate on delivering quality education while we professionally manage your campus foodservice. 

Attitude – We believe that every meal should be an important part of a student’s overall education experience.  Our promotions and special events not only create interest among resident students, but they can also provide an opportunity to bring all campus constituencies together to build community on your campus.

Goals – We’ve made the largest commitment in the industry to providing our on-site managers with the best in comprehensive training and support.  Our unit Manager-District Manager-Corporate Support Team is able to get to know you. Your goals become our goals. 

Innovation – Marketing to today’s college students isn’t nearly as easy as it looks! Look to Aladdin for innovative marketing solutions.  We know the value of careful listening.  And we remain flexible enough to adjust our operation to students’ changing needs.

Cost – We take pride in offering our clients a professional management service that emphasizes cost control.  At Aladdin, we really do give you the best value!


At Aladdin we offer colleges and universities the same things that they market to prospective students – high quality, personalized programs that are delivered by a dedicated staff!

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