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Bete’Avon® Kosher Dining

Bete´Avon® translates to bon appetite, a French term for good appetite or enjoy your mealBete´Avon® is the kosher division of Aladdin, serving more than 2800 VAAD-certified Kosher meals per day to people of all ages within the Jewish Community of Pittsburgh.  Bete´Avon® began its partnership in 2006 with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsbugh (JCC).  Today, Bete´Avon® designs individual, high quality, cost-effective kosher food service programs for every facility that it serves.  Each facility is recognized as unique to its own community.

We fully understand the unique demands of your kosher environment. The Bete´Avon® food service team creates and delivers specialized kosher programs to meet the challenges faced in each setting.  Menus are carefully prepared to conform to strict kosher standards while delivering nutritious and delicious meals.  Our comprehensive production, testing, and merchandising systems assure consistent meal quality and value.

Bete´Avon®…A leader in the management of kosher food and nutrition services:

• Kosher resident/senior dining
• Kosher restaurant/dining room services
• Kosher catering
• Kosher retail food service
• Kosher organics

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