Private & Independent Schools


Aladdin has become the premier food service provider to private and independent schools across the country. At Aladdin, we have the expertise, the experience and the resources to build your food service program into a source of pride for your parents, faculty and administration.

Food service is our business. We approach it with professionalism and enthusiasm so that you can concentrate on the business of education.

What We Can Offer

Aladdin offers:

  • A quality lunch program that satisfies students, parents, faculty, staff and administration
  • Expert staffing, employee training, management depth
  • Professional menu planning (RD approved)
  • National purchasing power
  • Commitment to treat students as customers
  • Specialized attention to catering, nutrition, and marketing needs
  • Sophisticated financial controls and reporting systems
  • Innovative program brands and street food concepts
  • A food service program that enhances recruiting and development efforts and contributes to student retention   
  • A bona fide employee benefit for your faculty and staff    

Aladdin knows that middle school students and high school students are the most demanding, fickle, and brand disloyal of all customers.  Programs must be continuously reinvented.  Concepts must prove their newness again and again. 


Aladdin’s program is the solution – Your students will eat it up!

Let us show you how we can help!

Contact us to get more information about our services, employment, or to tell us how we are doing. We look forward to speaking with you.