Seeds of Success Winners

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Aladdin Press Releases

Congratulations Seeds of Success Winners!

Seeds of Success is Elior North America’s internal, peer-to-peer recognition program!  Elior North America encourages team members to recognize each other in order to create an environment where everyone feels appreciated for their contributions and accomplishments.

Team members can even recognize someone on another Elior North America team who provided exemplary service, went above and beyond or simply demonstrated kindness.  

Congratulations to October and November 2018 award winners from Aladdin, proud member of the Elior North America family of companies!

  • Vicky Tatum, Bethel College
  • Wendy Wingfield, West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Christopher Davis, College of Coastal Georgia
  • Darlene Poole, Colorado State University
  • Francis Kienle, Collegiate School
  • Julie Guthrie, University Academy
  • Loretta Sandy, West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Phil Tarentino, Aladdin Corporate Office
  • Trent Seeberger, Jewish Community Center
  • Anthony Rodnicki, Jewish Community Center